Sunday, September 22, 2013

Top of Utah Marathon

I could not be more proud of my hubby!  He ran the Top of Utah Marathon.
Matt and Lori came to help us cheer him on. 
(Grandma Skidmore, Bruce, Julie, Whitli, and Bayli were there too)

The first stop we saw him was a bit chilly and windy.
We waited for him where he came out of the mountain at mile 14.


Here he is about to finish.

All finished!!!  

His poor feet :(


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First (and second) Days of School

The kids are still young enough that they get excited about going back to school.  
Jonas started kindergarten this year and is excited to go to Edgemont with Hannah and Eli.

Hannah is in fifth grade with Mrs. Larson (a family friend of the Webbs),

Eli is in third with Mrs. Cherry,

 and Jonas has Mrs. Morrison for morning kindergarten.

 On the first day of kindergarten I went to class with Jonas and met his teacher.  He did a little scavenger hunt to find different rooms around the school and complete different activities...

...including putting a puzzle together.  
His buddy Cooper from church is in his class.
(Max too but he was there earlier in the day)

Since the first day of school didn't really count for Jonas (since I went with him), 
I took a few pictures of their second day.

Jonas is lucky to have a big brother and sister to watch out for him.
Here is his first bus ride!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Playing in the Mud

Grandpa Matt got his hands on some fun toys this summer and
 we were able to spend an afternoon playing on them.

Hannah and Grandpa Matt

 Eli and Dad

Jonas and Dad

Mom and Eli

Eli and Hannah got to drive four wheelers for their first time

We all got pretty dirty... and had a blast!

Thanks Grandpa!