Monday, June 25, 2012

Jonas is 4!

Jonas had friends (including cousins) over for his birthday party this year.  
It was a backyard party with lots of water activities. 

Water balloon fight!

Fun with family

Jonas loves Batman.

 Sprinkler under the trampoline.  Easy set up, tons of fun!  My kind of activity :)

 Jonas had a lot of fun opening presents.  Jonas' friends were so cute!

We love Jonas.  We are so glad to have him in our family.  
It was wonderful to have so many friends and family here to celebrate his birthday with us!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June Stuff

We love our daddy.  He is so good to us, so we try to spoil him on Father's Day.  The kids helped choose lots of fun things for dad and they each made him a special card.

Eli did t-ball this year.  He had a lot of fun playing with kids that he knows from church.

Hannah did princess camp with her cousin Carlie this year. 
 Hannah has always loved going to princess camp with Grandma Lori!

All of the kids did swimming lessons this summer.  They loved it!  I was a little worried about Jonas (who did not like getting his ears wet), but he overcame that real fast.

Jonas' teacher was really nice.  He taught the kids cute songs and games. 

Last day of class.

Jonas' favorite game was fishy in a basket (how you gonna get out? SWIM!)  His teacher would push their heads down a little as they swam through... hahaha.

Jonas going down the big slide for the first time.

Hannah and Eli were in the same class (Hannah chose to stay down a class and be with Eli).  They had a great time and learned a lot.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Dance Tech went to Lagoon in May, so we took advantage of the discount tickets.  
It was fun to see Grandma Lori and Grandpa Matt during the day too.
We started our day at Lagoon at the fountain.  
The kids love running around in it and didn't get too wet.

Me and Jonas, Eli and Hannah.  You can barely see Jonas' head.

 They wanted to ride together, too cute.

Family shot

We went on Rattlesnake Rapids and I was worried Jonas was going to get upset about getting all wet.  So we made a competition to see who could get the wettest.
 I'm not sure who won, but I know I lost.

Brady took Hannah and Eli on a couple of roller coasters.  
They liked this one (The Bat).  
They didn't like Colossus though!

Me and Jonas.  This was one of the last rides of the day.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

May Happenings

Hannah and Eli participated in their school's FUN RUN Fundraiser.  They both did a great job!  This is my favorite fundraiser because the kids get lots of exercise and almost all of the money goes to the school.  
The kids spend a few weeks training for the big day and get pledges beforehand.

Lovely Hannah did a wonderful job at the end of the year dance recital

The kids and Brady spoiled me on Mother's Day, again. 

 Hannah and I went to a special Mother/ Daughter activity.
It was a dinner and spa treatments.  
Hannah pampered me with a foot bath and then we did each other's nails.
It was a lot of fun!

Here's Jonas on his last day of tumbling.  He had fun showing off his skills.

Hannah, Eli, Jonas at Edgemont's Family BBQ

We went to Richmond for Memorial Day.  
We visited Grandpa Lynn's grave and spent the day at Grandpa and Grandma Skidmore's with family.

Here's Grandma Lori playing with the grandkids.

Uncle Brook took the kids for tractor rides!

It was definitely a fun month... and I didn't even include our trip to Lagoon (that'll get it's own post).

Friday, June 8, 2012

Family Hike to Mesa Falls

Idaho is such a beautiful place.  We went on a family hike up to Mesa Falls in June.

We all enjoyed seeing the upper falls and hiking to see the lower falls.

On the drive home, we stopped at this restaurant for some lunch and ice cream.  
It was a fun day for our family.

Hannah and Y Basketball

Hannah played basketball at the YMCA this year.  She was on a team with 3rd- 6th graders. (It was supposed to be 3rd and 4th, but they didn't have enough players.)  We are so proud of Hannah.  She was a great team player.  She always tried her hardest and wasn't discouraged about being one of the smallest players.

She was #2.  (She has a pink ribbon in her hair.)

Brady and I nicknamed the player standing behind Hannah "MJ".  She was seriously as tall as me!

When I asked Hannah what she liked about playing basketball she said: "I really liked meeting Emily" (the girl on her left).  "I liked playing defense too."