Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun With Company This Summer

We had a lot of company this summer. We had a lot of fun... So much fun that I didn't take very many pictures. (Especially not of the adults-- kids are so much cuter anyway!)

Our first visitors were the Moores. Our kids got along so well! They just played the whole time. It was so great to see them having so much fun. The kids really enjoyed riding bikes together. We also went to Blast Off to play.

We were excited to have Grandma and Grandpa Shipp come visit too! We packed in a lot of fun. We went to Riot Zone for the first time while they were here. We are asking ourselves why we haven't been there before- mini golf, inflatables, paddle boats.... We're excited to go back. We also had a fun time at the zoo, temple visitor center, and the Melaleuca Store ;)

All of the kids had so much fun on the inflatables!

We all got dressed on Sunday, then realized that we were all wearing lavender- hahaha. Had to get a pic!

We got to meet sweet little Elliott when David and Jamee came with their kids. Vivian and Elliott are so cute! This is a picture of her after we ate yummy chocolate ice cream. We also had fun swimming and feeding ducks at the river.

I could not get enough of this sweet little guy! Such an adorable boy. I tried to convince David and Jamee to move to Idaho.

Our last visitors of the summer... The Smiths! We had a lot of fun even though they were only here a few days. Highlights included: The Roaring Youth Jam, swimming, and Blast Off.