Monday, July 23, 2012


After staying with Luke and Ashley's family, we headed to Ramona, California (near San Diego) for a Shipp family reunion.  It was epic.  Everyone was there!!!  It was five days packed full of fun.  We stayed at a timeshare resort that had shuffleboard, tennis, swimming, a playground and lots of cousins to play with.

 Shuffleboard competition.

 Cousins playing (Jonas and Wendell)

 Paddleball (Eli and Brady)

 Each night we all got together for dinner and had fun together.  One night we did a skit night with props given to us from another family.  Our family did a little skit with the Phineas and Ferb characters.  Eli was Phineas, Hannah was Perry the platypus, Brady was Doofenshmirtz, and Debbie was Candice. (Jonas chose not to participate, so we asked grandpa to be Ferb)




 Mom and dad
(Side note: I didn't get a picture of the Moore's because I was videoing it for them)

 We had fun singing together too.

 We decided it was a little far to drive to a Dodger game, so we checked out the Padres at Petco Park.
We got some family friendly seats with a big sand area a few rows ahead of us.

 Cousins watching a movie.

 Girls time doing nails.  Leila learned how to put pretty flowers on, too.

We spent a day in San Diego.  My parents and us kids went to the San Diego temple.  It was wonderful. We met up with our spouses and kids at the Mormon Battalion Museum and saw an awesome presentation, then played outside: panning for gold, making bricks, riding wagons, and pumping water.  After the museum, we went to the beach to play.  Then the whole family went out to eat at a buffet, YUM.

We had to get some pictures all together.  

 Here's grandma and grandpa with all of the grandkids (minus one).

 Here's everyone!!!

The original Shipp family! 

My finger is not really up my brother's nose. 

We had SOOO much fun!  It was wonderful that everyone was able to make it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

July Fun

We had lots of fun in July.  We had people come see us in Idaho and we had a trip to California.

We started the month off with a bang, celebrating the Forth of July.  
We love going to the parade. (And collecting candy.)

Then spending time at the river waiting for the fireworks to start.

We had fun having the Moores come visit.  The cousins have so much fun playing together.

We went to Rigby Lake and the kids played in the sand, built an awesome sand castle,
 and spent time in the water.

We went out for a treat to Orange Leaf, YUM!

Cousins' sleepover

Next we headed to California to spend time with Luke and Ashley's family and see their beautiful new home.

We went and saw the Redlands temple.

After spending time with Luke's family, we headed to Ramona, CA (near San Diego) for a Shipp family reunion.  That will be the next post :)