Friday, October 30, 2009

Day at the Fair

I just downloaded about two hundred pictures from my camera and decided that it is time to update our blog a bit.
(I don't take many pictures, so 200 is A LOT for me.)
Anyway, we went to the Idaho State Fair last month, so here are some pictures from that fun day....

Jonas loved the petting zoo.
He followed the goats around to pet them.
They were very tolerant of him... they must be used to it.

If dogs stayed this cute and cuddly, I would probably want one, but I am not that disillusioned!

Each year the kids ride the barrel train that's pulled by a four wheeler.
They love it.
Here's a pic of Eli and Jonas.
We were glad that Jonas had a pillow behind him... it was kind of bumpy!

Hannah LOVES the carousel.
She enjoys naming the horse that she rides.

Here's Eli with a little friend that he made. She was adorable (her mom asked me if her little girl could ride with Eli). They were having trouble getting the ride going so the two of them were just sitting and chatting for a few minutes. I would love to know what they said :)

After the fair, we stopped at a park for a picnic on the way home.

Here's the last picture of the kids after a long day of playing hard.
Yes, their faces are very dirty... another sign of a good day.

Hannah took this one of me and Brady :)
After a long day of ... hardly playing!?!
Just kidding, I think that we had as much fun as the kids!