Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas is finally here!!!

The kids were excited to leave cookies and milk for Santa.

Christmas morning finally came. Since it was on Sunday this year, and we have church at 9:30, we told the kids we would open stockings before church, and then open presents after church. The kids did really well with this plan (I was a little concerned). They opened stockings and played with the big toys that Santa left unwrapped. Then they ate the little boxes of cereal from their stockings and got ready for church (in their new clothes from Santa).

Jonas got his two lawn mowers that he had been dreaming about for the past two months.

Hannah got her vanity. We took it upstairs the day after Christmas and it looks really cute.

Brady wanted to try out all of the kids new stuff too :)

One of our family Christmas traditions is to wear our jammies all day long. This year was a little different, so we told the kids they could change back into their pajamas after church if they wanted. First I grabbed a few pictures in their Christmas Sunday clothes. Everyone changed back except for Eli.

Here's Eli with the Kiddie Zoom camera he wanted.
It even has video and lots of games to play.

The kids had fun putting on shows throughout the day.

More Christmas Miscellaneous

Everyone was excited to get the Christmas decorations out.
I guess Eli was especially excited to unpack this elf he made last year :)

Jonas found a new home for his puppies.

It was Hannah's turn to put the star on the tree.

The kids painted wreaths to hang around the house.

We got to meet Cameron finally! He is too adorable for words.
We love when Luke and Ashley and their kids come to stay.
The kids have a ball just playing together.

Carlie and Conner came to stay with us for a few days.
We had so much fun with them.
My heart melted every time Conner called me Bebee.

It snowed while they were here, so we ventured outside.
Carlie has extremely good aim for a four year old.

We did a little nativity play for family home evening one week.
Hannah was Mary (she is riding a donkey in this picture), Eli was Joseph,
Jonas was an angry shepherd (his interpretation),
Brady was a wise man, and I was an angel.

I like to have the kids use their leftover Halloween candy to make gingerbread houses.
It's a win-win situation. I was impressed with the kids' use of imagination
in constructing and decorating their houses this year.


Grandma Skidmore Christmas Party

We look forward to Grandma Skidmore's Christmas party each year. There's always lots of good food, family, and fun. We had a blast. The kids love the piñata (grandma is a pro at filling a piñata!) The kids talk about the party for weeks before and after.

Happy Anniversary

Brady and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary this month. It's hard to believe it has been that long, and then it's hard to remember not being together. I couldn't be happier :)

Family Christmas Party in SLC

We went to Salt Lake the first weekend of December for a Webb family party. We left Friday morning and went to the Children's Museum at the Gateway when we got there.

Jonas loves anything with construction, so he loved this display.

We went to see the lights at temple square on Friday night. They were so beautiful, as always, but we were cold, so we didn't stay long.

On Saturday, our family went downtown. We got to ride TRAX, which was one of the main purposes of going downtown. The kids loved it.

We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building while we were there.
We saw an amazing art exhibit there focusing on Christ.

On Saturday night, we had the family Christmas party.
The cousins were singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town in this picture.

Grandma Lori brought Minute to Win It games for everyone to play. Here are Hannah and Brooklyn pushing balloons with their noses.

Here's Jonas with his buddy Kyle.
Jonas is wearing the glasses that came with the present that he got from his cousin.

Grandma gave all of the kids pajamas for Christmas.

On Sunday morning, we went to see Music and the Spoken Word at the conference center. Hannah is old enough to come now. It was amazing.

Eli played one of the Minute to Win It games. He was supposed to shake the little balloons out of the tissue box that was taped to his back. He's got some great moves, so we knew he would do well.