Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Post... Finally ;)

I have been procrastinating this post because so many wonderful things happen during the holiday season, that there's a lot to share.

We love Santa. Jonas loves him from a distance :)

This year was our first attempt to act out the nativity story. Hannah was an angel, Eli a shepherd and Jonas a wise man.

Eli's preschool class acted out the nativity. Eli was Joseph and did an awesome job!

Gotta love the party with the Skidmores. Our kids look forward to it every year. Good food, good people, and lots to do. Notice the look of concentration on Brady's face...hahaha!

Go Eli!

Hannah's old enough for the blindfold, but still got a few good hits in.

Fun with cousins at grandma Lori's party. Jonas and Gavin playing together.

This toy is great... it kept Jonas occupied so mom and dad could have some fun.

Eli was soooooo excited about getting Elefun. Lots of fun!

Can't go wrong with princesses... Hannah's favorite.

All the grandkids in their new jammies.

Christmas Eve. We decided Santa would probably come through the stove.

Christmas morning. We had Brady's brother Luke and family visiting. That explains the two extra, adorable girls. I didn't get many pictures of the kids on Christmas morning, but there is a cute little video at the bottom of the post.

Brady, Luke, and Bruce (some brothers) playing Monopoly.

Here's our service Christmas tree. Each night we each got to decorate an ornament and put it on the tree as we shared an act of service that we provided that day. It was a fun activity that we all enjoyed and will probably continue in the future.