Sunday, June 21, 2009

Princess Hannah

Hannah loves dancing with Grandma Lori!

Presenting: Princess Malory and Princess Hannah

Hannah got to go to Princess Camp at Grandma Lori's studio. She was very excited that her cousin Malory was there too. She loves to pretend to be a princess, and enjoys dressing up, so she was in heaven. She had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the program that they preformed on the last day. We love our little princess.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Walking Jonas

Our friends the Risenmays posted video of Jonas's buddy Abbey taking her first steps a week or so ago, so we have been practicing with Jonas. He has the standing part down really well but he would fall after taking only two or three steps. But today at Grandma Lori's house he decided that he could do this and just took off on his own a few times. I think he'll have it by his birthday on the 25th.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Duck, duck, goose with a twist

We played duck, duck, goose for the FHE game a few weeks ago and it got kinda crazy. We decided to play with a little bucket of water, and whoever was chosen as the goose would get the bucket dumped on their head before the chase ensued. Anyway, it turned into a fun family water fight that almost everyone enjoyed (poor Jonas!)

P.S. Jonas didn't get the bucket of water dumped over his head, he was just being a little sensitive.

Hannah's dance recital & Last day of dance class

Hannah outside the Colonial Theater where the recital was.

Hannah receiving her trophy from her teacher (grandma Lori)

Hannah participating in the drill down. She got third place this year!

Hannah had her dance recital a few weeks ago and danced beautifully. Her class did their ballet and tap dances. She loved the costume this year and wanted to wear it to the last day of dance class too.

I blame myself....

What a naughty, happy baby. He was so cute I had to grab my camera before I cleaned him up. When does the 'put everything imaginable in my mouth' phase end?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

Hannah's kindergarten class had a Mother's Day tea party the Friday before Mother's Day. It was a lot of fun. Her class did a medley of songs, each child presented a picture of their mother, and we had cookies and ice cream. Hannah did a great job!