Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

To start off the Thanksgiving break, Brady taught Hannah and Eli how to play Monopoly.  Monopoly always takes a long time to play.  Hopefully it won't take over four hours next time.

Luke and Ashley's family came and stayed with us during the break.  
We loved having them visit, and having family gatherings at our home.
Here's a picture of the whole clan.

The girls loved dressing up and playing together.

All of the cousins had a tea party and watched a movie.

The sisters-in-law went out to see the last Twilight movie one night.

It's always fun to get the brothers together!

Here's Jonas with his spy buddy, Uncle Kyle.
(Oh, shhhh, it's a secret)

 Grandma and baby Kate

The kids and I went down to Logan the day before Thanksgiving to see my sister Michelle and her family.  It was Leila's birthday and we celebrated that night.
Pizza, cake, presents, games, and a movie!

 The kids loved spending the night with their cousins. 
 Jonas enjoyed collecting eggs in the morning.
 They have shoe covers to keep the shoes clean while in the chicken coup.

Snuggling up for a movie.

 On Thanksgiving day we headed to Grandma Skidmore's for a feast.
Grandma is the best cook and never disappoints!
She works so hard and always makes an amazing meal.  

 The kids love playing at grandma's and exploring outside.

Back home again!  
After Thanksgiving, we are ready to jump into Christmas preparations.  
Here are the kiddos wearing their new Christmas church clothes.